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" I see technology as an inspiration for my creativity.

Angel (Yimin) Wu

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InstaCare is a mobile app integrating with a smartwatch that provides instant access to healthcare featuring free AI assistant services. It was designed to help solve young professionals’ concerns about time and distance when visiting a doctor. 

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SmartVogue is a mobile application that features a Virtual Closet and AI Fashion Consultant, which can help prevent people from impulse clothes shopping and help them organize their wardrobes more smartly. 

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iWalk is a mobile application that encourages people, especially young generations, to reduce their carbon footprint through reward programs, socialization, and educational information. 

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LanSchool is a Nonprofit platform offering professional foreign language services, including language classes, translation services, free events, and opportunities for anyone with amazing language skills to make contributions to the community. 

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Thanks to the latest technology, Smart Refrigerator is becoming more and more popular in modern families. This project focused on taking advantage of AI technology and pictured how an intelligent refrigerator panel can interact with you, not just as a cold machine but as your AI shopping and stock managing assistant. 

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