Smart Fridge


Thanks to the latest technology, Smart Refrigerator is becoming more and more popular in modern families. This project focused on taking advantage of AI technology and pictured how an intelligent refrigerator panel can interact with you, not just as a cold machine but as your AI shopping and stock managing assistant. The completed product will help leverage the manufacturer's service, get users more engaged, and help people manage their food storage easily to reduce their frustration and waste of food. Moreover, you can also use it as a shortcut for online grocery shopping and digital Post-it notes, leaving a message for your beloved ones, and enjoying it as a media player in your lovely kitchen.

The Challenge:

How might we create an interactive intelligent refrigerator panel to leverage the manufacturer's service and get users more engaged?

My Observation:

People, especially busy professionals, sometimes shop for extra groceries than their needs, yet lack good food storage management.

The Solution:

Let's develop a product that helps people manage their food storage smartly, to reduce their frustration and waste of food.

Key Tools:

Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MindNode

My Role:

Researcher, Strategist, Designer

 Dark Theme VS Light Theme

Dark theme Design

Light theme Design

Smart Panel Demo 


Settings demo gif

Storage Management:

Storage Management Demo Gif

Ordering Grocery Online:

Ordering Grocery Online Demo