LanSchool is a Nonprofit platform offering professional foreign language services, including language classes, translation services, free events, and opportunities for anyone with amazing language skills to make contributions to the community. 

The Challenge:

How might we create a product that helps people take the most advantage of language services, as a contributor instead of just a participant?

My Observation:

People who might need language services usually speak another one or some languages very well. 

The Solution:

Let's encourage people to get language services for free by trading their talents, and making contributions instead of just being a participant.

Key Tools:

Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MindNode

My Role:

Researcher, Strategist, Designer

Tablet VS Mobile

Tablet Version

Mobile Version

LanSchool - Product Demo


Upgrading to Premium:

Translation Service:

Community Events:

Be a Contributor: